We welcome all to come in for some classes and discover your potential or further develop your creative talents. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, all students are welcome. For more information on classes please contact us, we are happy to answer any questions or concerns.
Our studio offers many supplies and tools for all students. Consumables are available at a minimal cost to students. 
Drafting and Design Tools
Paint Brushes and Palette Knives
Graphite and Water Soluble Graphite
Pencil Crayons and Water Soluble Pencil Crayons
Chalk Pastels
Charcoal and Coloured Charcoal
Permanent Markers
Water Base Markers
Acrylic Inks
Acrylic Paints
Watercolour Paints
Oil Paints
Metallic Powders, Paints and Leaf
Full Free Standing Easels and Table Easels

We also stock a huge selection of paper for both dry and wet mediums, canvases, canvas boards, wood panels and more.

We are always bringing in new products for students to create with. Many items are not available in our immediate local area.